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The Mystic

The Acheron River is located in southern Epirus and flows through the town of Glyki. In Greek mythology, he was the "River of the Dead" and the entrance to the underworld - rich in Hades.

In addition to this historical significance, the Acheron is a unique natural beauty. The crystal-clear water, which shimmers light blue and green, has drinking water quality.

The Acheron, a special natural event

Nice impressions from the Acheron


Hotel Eirini

Near the river Acherontas is the wonderfully newly built hotel "EIRINI", from whose balconies you can enjoy the magnificent view. The view over the river Acheron with its crystal-clear water and gorges, surrounded by many ancient plane trees will inspire you.

Sports at Acheron

at one place


Horse Riding

Riding through the crystal clear, turquoise Acheron River. A sublime sense of freedom on the back of our beautiful horses. We have created fantastic routes for you on the paths of the Acheron.



The two-seat Paraglide flight over the Acheron River and the town of Glyki is an unforgettable experience. With our experienced flight instructor you sit comfortably under the umbrella and enjoy this wonderful moment of freedom.



The Acheron Gorge is perfect for any type of hike. We start from Souli, where we continue to Kiafa Castle, which offers a magnificent panoramic view of the gorge and Glyki. We visit the old Acheron Bridge and the Dallas Bridge. The landscape is definitely a wonder of nature and the images are in harmony with sounds and smells that literally make the soul dangle.
Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours, total: 7.5 km



On the Acheron River we drive with you for several kilometers with our rafting boats. Of course always with an experienced boat driver. For 2 to 8 people we offer action and direct contact with the breathtaking nature of the Acheron. You will of course be equipped with matching life jackets and helmets. Have fun...



If you want to go down the Acheron River alone or in pairs, our kayaks are particularly good. Passing by uniquely beautiful scenery, we expect you to bring you back to the starting point.


ZIP Line

With the help of a pulley you fly at impressive speed over the Acheron River. A wonderful experience that lets you fly 320 meters over the river. A special experience for every age group. Do not worry, we fulfill more than the safety requirements. Our experienced staff will explain everything to you.


Restaurant & Bar

Holiday rooms

Nice restaurant & bar right on the Acheron river. They almost sit with their feet in the river. A wonderful place to relax.
Our 12 rooms are always at your disposal.


Greek Restaurant

The Petrino restaurant is located directly on the Acheron River. The delicious, Greek cuisine and the spacious grounds invite you to feast and enjoy.

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