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Booking conditions


Mediation and Guest Admission Requirements


Dear guest,
We are pleased that you have chosen the SUNDOWN-TRAVEL holiday destination.

The SUNDOWN-TRAVEL will work for you in arranging accommodation and holiday apartments on the basis of the following Booking conditions. At the same time, these conditions govern the relationship between you as a guest and your chosen accommodation provider or holiday apartment rental company. Please read these conditions carefully!


1. Position of SUNDOWN-TRAVEL


1.1. SUNDOWN-TRAVEL operates exclusively as an intermediary for the owners of the listed holiday accommodations (hereinafter: landlords).


1.2. For the legal relationship between the landlord and the guest, the following provisions, which we, the SUNDOWN-TRAVEL, agree with you, for the landlord.


1.3. All information about the landlord, its services and prices are according to the information provided and are the sole responsibility of the landlord. SUNDOWN-TRAVEL is not liable for the accuracy of this information, as far as the incorrectness was not culpably caused by SUNDOWN-TRAVEL .


2. Conclusion of the contract, payments


2.1. You can send your booking request, which represents the binding contract offer to the landlord, by email, in writing, over the phone or via various rental platforms to SUNDOWN-TRAVEL as representative of the landlord.


2.2. The contract with the landlord is concluded through the booking confirmation which SUNDOWN-TRAVEL transmits as the guest's representative.


2.3. After conclusion of the contract, the guest is obliged to use the booked service and to pay, as far as he does not expressly exercise his right of withdrawal. Non-binding reservations are only possible by express agreement with SUNDOWN-TRAVEL.


2.4. Payments will be made to SUNDOWN-TRAVEL. The deposit is 20% of the total price. The balance is due three weeks (21 days) before the accommodation is handed over.


3. Services


3.1.The prices stated in the offer are final prices and include all ancillary costs and all applicable taxes and levies, unless otherwise stated. Excluded from this are final cleaning flat rates, which are listed separately.


3.2. The service owed by the landlord results exclusively from the contents of the booking confirmation in connection with the valid brochure or the description on the website of SUNDOWN-TRAVEL.


4. Resignation from the Contract


4.1. You can withdraw from the contract at any time. It is strongly recommended in your interest to explain the withdrawal in writing. The withdrawal must be declared to SUNDOWN-TRAVEL.

4.2. SUNDOWN-TRAVEL is entitled to the following lump-sum compensation in the event of withdrawal from the rental agreement:


  • Cancellation up to 45 days before arrival 10% of the rent

  • Cancellation 44 days to 33 days before arrival 30% of the rent

  • Cancellation 32 days to 22 days before arrival 60% of the rent

  • Cancellation 21 days to 12 days before arrival 80% of the rent

  • Cancellation 11 days before arrival until the beginning of the lease 90% of the ren


4.3 The renter has the right to ask for a replacement renter to take over the apartment in full. For this a processing fee of 25,00 EUR can be calculated. Cancellation fees will not be charged.


4.4. If the tenant interrupts the stay prematurely, he remains obliged to pay the full rental price.

Cancellation or termination can only be made in writing. The day of the receipt of the

Declaration to the landlord.


4.5. SUNDOWN TRAVEL may terminate the contractual relationship before or after the commencement of the rental period without notice if the lessee fails to make the agreed payments (down payment, balance payment, etc.) does not meet the deadline or otherwise behaves in breach of contract.SUNDOWN-TRAVEL cannot be expected to continue the contractual relationship.

In this case, SUNDOWN-TRAVEL may demand compensation from the lessee for the expenses incurred up to the termination and for the loss of profit.

The cancellation fees are charged directly by SUNDOWN-TRAVEL. They are permitted to provide proof that no or low costs have actually been incurred as the claimed flat-rate costs. In this case you are only obliged to pay the actual costs incurred.

It is strongly recommended that you take out travel cancellation insurance.


5. Liability


5.1. The rental objekt including the furniture and the other objects located in it must be handled with care. The renter must encourage the persons accompanying and / or visiting him to be careful. The tenant is liable for culpable damage to the rental property, the furniture or other objects in the rental property through him or him accompanying persons.


5.2. SUNDOWN-TRAVEL must be notified immediately in an appropriate form of defects that occur when the rental object is taken over and/or during the rental period.


5.3.The keeping of animals in the rented objects is not permitted, unless it is agreed with SUNDOWN-TRAVEL before the booking.


5.4. SUNDOWN-TRAVEL is exclusively liable for possible own mistakes of him and his assistants during the mediation. The landlord/owner of the rented property is exclusively liable for the provision of the booked service itself and any defects in the provision of the service.


6. Complaints


If complaints arise, the guest must immediately address his complaint to SUNDOWN-TRAVEL. If an immediate notification of defects is culpably omitted, claims against the landlord are excluded.


7. Statute of limitations, jurisdiction, miscellaneous


7.1. Claims of the guest from the accommodation contract to the landlord and to the SUNDOWN-TRAVEL from the agency contract, for whatever legal reason - with the exception of the claims of the traveler from tort - become statute-barred after one year from the contractually provided end of occupancy.

7.2. Should one of the above provisions be or become ineffective, the remaining conditions nevertheless remain valid and the validity of the contract remains unaffected.


7.3. The place of jurisdiction for complaints of the guest against the landlord is exclusively the seat of the landlord If the payment of the guest according to the contractual arrangements at the place of the landlord to provide, the place of jurisdiction for actions of the landlord on payment of the agreed remuneration is the place of the landlord.



We wish you a pleasant journey and a nice holiday




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