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Sundown Travel has a particularly high responsibility towards its guests.

The goal is to give our visitors a nice, relaxing and of course a safe vacation time.


The guests of Sundown Travel are guaranteed a carefree stay with a hygiene certificate.


The Sundown Tourism Hygiene Certificate offers its guests more security than is required by the authorities.


The Sundown Tourism Hygiene Certificate includes:



Guest registration requirement

All guests staying with us must register with the address and stay details. This data is subject to the data protection declaration, which can be viewed on our website


Distance regulations

Keeping distance is one of the most important behavioral measures to protect against the corona virus. It is ensured that a minimum distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people is maintained.


Wear a mouth and nose covering

The wearing of a mouth-nose cover must be observed and checked according to the regional regulations. Violations result in the termination of the accommodation contract.


Contactless check-in

We give guests the opportunity to have as little contact with our employees or other guests as possible in our office.

All keys to the vacation rentals are properly disinfected.

As a greeting or farewell, we do not shake hands and give you a smile.



We have increased the frequency of regular cleaning, especially in the entrance area of ​​the office and in the sanitary facilities. This also affects the door handles,

for which we have intensified the cleaning measures as a precaution.


Hygiene and behavioral rules for guests

The guest will be informed about the specific rules of hygiene and behavior in the holiday property before arrival. Sufficient liquid soap and paper towels / kitchen towels are provided at the sink (bathroom and kitchen).


Hygiene and behavior rules for hosts

A routine surface disinfection in the holiday homes and in the public areas is carried out. After the guest's departure, the accommodation must be carefully cleaned. The cleaning plan provides an orientation to the information on household hygiene. The cleaning is documented transparently for the subsequent guest. Regular hygiene inspections of the air conditioning systems are also guaranteed.


Fever measurement for guests

In the event of suspected illness, we reserve the right to require guests to take a fever measurement. Fever, cough and shortness of breath can be signs of infection with the coronavirus. The person concerned should immediately contact a doctor treating them by telephone for clarification. Corona-specific important contacts on site (doctors, pharmacies, health department, taxi, if applicable) will be made known to all guests.


General rules and recommendations

Regular ventilation is good for hygiene and promotes air quality, since the number of pathogens in indoor air can increase in closed rooms. Ventilation reduces the number of fine droplets that may be in the air.


The protection and hygiene rules and the required distance must be observed during an excursion or a tour. It is recommended that guests and tour guides wear mouth-nose covers during tours to protect the other participants.


All transport vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before and after use.


If necessary, the route can also be changed spontaneously, if otherwise distance rules cannot be observed, which can also mean not showing a tourist highlight.


Passing around objects is prohibited, as is touching tactile models etc. Culinary samples must be prepared accordingly. No exchange of food, drinks, etc. may take place among the participants.


Avoiding critical points (door handles, handrails) or opening doors is recommended with gloves. The use of the public toilet only where hygiene is ensured by adequate measures.


If participants in the group should not comply with the hygiene and distance rules, the tour guide should ask the relevant participants to leave the group to protect the other guests and themselves.


In the event of a violation of the rules of hygiene and behavior, the guests are friendly, but should definitely point out that this is imperative to protect others. In the event of repeated disregard, extraordinary termination is possible.




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