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The minimum age for the driver is 21 years (21-24 additional insurance fee 5 € per day).
The maximum age of the driver is 75 years.

The renter and all additional drivers must present a complete valid original license.
You must have your driver's license for at least 1 year.

An international driver's license is required of those who are not EU citizens
You must also present: passport

Additional driver:
Fee for additional driver:
A charge of € 6.20 per day for rentals 1-2 days;
€ 3.72 per day for rentals of 2-7 days;
€ 25,00 per rental of more than 7 days

rental period
The minimum rental is one day (24 hours). Any delay (due for delivery) of more than 1 hour will be charged with an additional rental day.

All rental prices include the liability of third parties. The Lessee is liable for any damage or theft (in whole or in part) caused to the rented motorcycle to its commercial value at the time of the accident / theft.
The Lessee's liability for damages (ONLY on the rental motorcycle) of the rental motorcycle is limited on the condition that the Greek Traffic Act has not been violated, for a minimum fee of:
€ 250 for 50cc
€ 350 for 110ccm
€ 450 for 125cc

supplementary insurance:
The tenant can limit the liability by taking out additional insurance on site
€ 8,50 per day for 50cc
€ 10,00 per day for 110ccm
€ 11,00 per day for 125cc

Mileage is unlimited

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