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About us


Tourist Office Plataria

The Sundown Travel is a travel organization with the purpose of marketing tourism activities. We deal with the mediation of all tourist services in and around Plataria. We are the link between tourists and providers of accommodation and services. Through our own quality assurance system, we are able to offer permanently good quality vacation.

Increasing tourism in northeastern Greece requires centralized tourist services. The demand situation has made us a professional mediator between buyer and supplier. The claim of the holiday guests has increased significantly. This means increasingly well-prepared offers, suitable tourist services and on-site support with optimal service quality.

Plataria is becoming an important tourist destination. Its central location, with links to the motorway and major cities such as Igoumenitsa and Ioannina, as well as Thessaloniki and even Athens, makes the place more and more popular.

A summary of all tourist services has therefore become necessary.

The establishment of a tourism office in Plataria was therefore a consequence of this development.


The Sundown Travel

    is the intermediary of tourist accommodation of all kinds,
    Creates offers of tourism services,
    is contact person for guests and providers of services,
    arranges travel package offers,
    organizes events of all kinds,
    sells high-quality, regional products in the office / shop,

    is an intermediary of real estate and land for sale.

Our special quality seal guarantees a nice and pleasant stay.

All accommodation and service providers are checked by our quality specifications and assessed by a points system.


Our Philosophy

"We know how valuable lifetime is and it is an honor for us to spend yours with pleasure and enjoyment in our accommodations."

"Handle your time carefully and invest your time where you are valued and where people are happy to see you "

"Time is not money. Time is feeling. Spend your time where you feel really good. Our place would like to be such a place for you. "

"Our mission is to turn your personal ideas into a wonderful personal reality of experiencing as perfectly as possible."

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