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Monoraft in Voidomatis (two-seat small rafting boat with an experienced guide) and in larger boats up to 8 people

Rafting in the River Voidomatis.



Route near the central Zagori Bridge (Kipi-Dilofo-Vitsa-Koukoyli-Kipi) A wonderful tour that takes us over 6 bridges and walks through the forests of Zagori.

Duration: 4-5 hours
- difficulty: medium.

Zagori Bridge

Hike  1


One of the best hiking trails starts in the village of Kapesovo and ends in the village of Vradeto. We cross the stairs, which was used until 1974 to get from one village to another.

Then we hike for another 30 minutes to "Beloi", on a breathtaking balcony with a fantastic view of the Vikos Gorge.


Duration: 4 hours

Difficulty: medium

In the Vradeto Stairs

Hike  2


The most interesting and challenging hike in the Zagori area, 14 km through the canyon of Vikos. We start from the village of Monodentri and enter the gorge, where many rare herbs and thousands of plants are found.

The hike ends in the village of Vikos.


Duration: 4-5 hours Difficulty: Challenging route

Crossing the Vikos Gorge

Hike  3


A really great hike that starts in the village of Papigo in the Zagori area.

We walk 2 hours uphill and then meet the refuge of Astrak.

After this short break, we continue for another 2 hours and meet Drakolimni (Drachensee), an alpine lake where the Alpentriton lives. If we are lucky, we can meet chamois outside the lake (Rupricapra balkanica).

Hike to the dragon of Tymphi

Hike  4

Swimming - Hike

A particularly beautiful and sporty route. The gorge "Vikaki" (Little Vikos, the famous gorge) is a hike combined with swimming, climbing on small rocks and swimming.

The start of the route is in the village Tsepelovo and the end in the village Kipi Zagorohoria.

At the starting point of the gorge 1.5 km from the village square Tsepelovo you can admire two beautiful bridges that were built centuries ago in a natural way.

Here we begin our journey, which lasts three to four hours. The participants will be provided with wetsuits. Please come with sports shoes.


Duration: 3.5-4


Prerequisite: very good swimming skills

Required equipment: sports shoes, bathing suit.

Schwimm Wanderung
Zagori Wasserfall
Flußwanderung in Zagori
Mountainbiking in Zagorochoria

If you choose one of our cycling routes, you have the opportunity to cross unique landscapes of great natural beauty. We are sure that you will be rewarded with the view of the landscape. You just have to make the decision to come with us. The rest is at your disposal. Our meeting point is at our base in Kipoi, where you will receive our equipment (bicycles, gloves, helmet). We will take over the transfer to the starting point.

Bring along: best mood and a hat, water bottle, sports shoes, sunscreen, a snack.

Route # 1: Negades - Kipoi.

Total distance 20 km.

Total duration of 2 hours activity.

Difficulty: Low, beginner, family route.


Route No. 2: Kipoi- "Riziana" Monastery of Visiko-Kipoi.

Total distance 34 km. , (If you want a smaller or longer excursion, you can remove or add asphalt kilometer)

Total duration of activity of 2-2.5 hours.

Difficulty: demanding route.

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